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Catalyst Volume 25 Issue 2: Full Magazine

This issue of Catalyst contains the following articles:

Crash Investigators

Traffic police use ideas about speed, acceleration and force to determine what happened during road accidents.


Catalyst Volume 25 Issue 1: Full Magazine

This issue of Catalyst contains the following articles:

Palaeontology Goes Hi-Tech

Scientists use radiation from across the electromagnetic spectrum to learn more about a fossil dinosaur.


Catalyst Volume 24 Issue 3: Full Magazine

This issue of Catalyst contains the following articles:

The Most Accurate Thermometer in the World

This article looks at how a highly accurate thermometer measures temperatures by finding the speed of sound in a...

Costain bingo

This activity  from Plotr uses the game of bingo as a way of  getting students to  think creatively about the range of careers available in STEM sectors, particularly careers in construction and engineering.

Opportunities in numbers

This activity allows students to  research and present data, using live job and apprenticeship vacancy information found at as a stimulus.  Students practise using mathematical tools to present information. The activity will  familiarise pupils with...

STEM careers toolkit: a guide to LMI sources and careers support organisations

Labour market information (LMI) provides quantitative and qualitative data about the workplace. It may include information about the range of jobs available, salaries and the demand for, and supply of, labour. It also gives you information about skill supply and shortages and the impact of national and global...

STEM careers toolkit: a guide to sources of STEM related resources

A list of STEM focused resources and information for teachers with links to the relevant websites.

STEM careers toolkit: a guide to UK qualifications frameworks

This document summarises the key features of the new qualification frameworks.

Pre-16 qualifications

Academic or general education qualifications are studied by most 14-16 year olds in the UK. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland they are GCSEs and in Scotland they are Scottish...

STEM careers toolkit: primary STEM careers toolkit

This  STEM Careers Toolkit for primary teachers  has been designed, with teachers at every step of the way, to provide:

• an accessible guide to government policy on careers education and information, advice and guidance for young people across the four countries of the UK

• evidence about the...

STEM careers toolkit: primary school student survey

This survey template can be used to gather student opinions on science and mathematics in primary schools. 


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