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iSTEM+ an ETEP response to STEM Skills shortage 5-19

The Engineering & Technology Education Partnership, based at the IET, has developed a bottom-up strategy for an embedded approach to STEM through cross-curricular practical group projects at each Key Stage. This iSTEM+ approach fosters an integrated approach to STEM and other subjects, such as Computing,...

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Career links in Science IVF

In this video from Teachers TV, Science teacher Nichola Offer uses a range of techniques to help her students think about STEM related careers. In a lesson based on in vitro fertilisation(IVF), Nicola invites the school nurse to support the activities and talk about her work. In a role play activity, the Year...

Future Morph: Physiotherapist *suitable for home teaching*

In this Future Morph video, Bristol City Football Club physiotherapist Nick Dawes talks about how he became a physiotherapist. He describes the qualifications and training needed to become a physiotherapist. He describes the challenges he meets during his work which includes the treatment of injuries, player...

The Mystery of the Levitating Train *suitable for home teaching*

In this Science upd8 activity students use their understanding of simple circuits, electricity and magnetism to diagnose and fix problems with the running of a magnetic train in a theme park.

Future Morph: Science Journalist *suitable for home teaching*

In this Future Morph video, freelance science writer Helen Carmichael talks about writing on a range of topics and for different audiences. She describes how she combines her knowledge of science with skills in researching and presenting information to produce an engaging science-based story. Helen describes how...

Stephen Sparks *suitable for home teaching*

At the time of this film, Professor Steve Sparks was the Director of the Centre for Environmental and Geophysical Flows at Bristol University. He had revolutionised the study of volcanoes, changing it from an essentially observational science to one where theories are tested by experiments before being put to...


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