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Astronaut: life as a scientist and engineer in space

Readers will discover how work in science and engineering is carried out every day by astronauts on the ISS.

Told in a lively narrative style, this book includes first hand accounts of astronauts' lives, entertaining anecdotes, facts, and fascinating behind-the-scenes images. Readers will also get the chance...

Exploring distant worlds as a space robot engineer

Inside this book, readers will meet the space robot engineers who use science, maths and technology to design and build incredible machines that do work in outer space. How do robot engineers turn ideas and sketches into fully functioning machines?

Why would a robot engineer be in a laboratory one day and a...

Astroid hunters

Inside this book, readers meet then men and women of Spaceguard who watch the skies for danger from outer space. How do they discover new asteroids? What technology do they use to predict an asteroid's pathway around the solar system? And what did the asteroid hunters do in 2004 when they discovered out planet...

Supply and demand for science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills in the UK economy

Analyses trends in the supply and demand of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills. Examines the supply of STEM skills in the UK economy. Discusses the levels and flows of STEM subjects into the labour force. Examines the demand for STEM skills, focusing on graduate earning premiums....

STEM student crossword puzzles: volume 1 (grades 5-12)

Engage students in STEM subjects and careers with entertaining and educational puzzles constructed of clues from: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Opening doors with physics

Opening Doors is co-funded by the IOP and Government Equalities Office, running from 2014 to 2015. The project is not specific to physics, or even science, but focuses on developing a whole-school approach to addressing gender imbalance.

The project has involved two regional networks, each made up of five...

Model project: practical physics at work DVD ROM

The Institute of Physics' 'MODEL Project: Practical Physics at Work' provides engaging and relevant practical physics activities, student instructions and worksheets plus guidance for teacher and technicians.

The practical activities are supported by video sequences showing how some people use physics in the...


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