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ATV – Jules Verne

The book, From the Earth to the Moon written by Jules Verne, describes firing the explorers from a canon to reach the Moon. This video explores Newton’s equation for gravitational force and how these forces change over distance. Anu Ojha explains how the International Space Station is in freefall, and how this...

A collection of five videos dedicated to Automated Transfer Vehicles (ATV). ATVs are expendable, pressurised unmanned resupply spacecraft developed by the European Space Agency (ESA). They are designed to supply the International Space Station (ISS) with propellant, water, air, payloads, and experiments. They can...

Barycentric balls: orbits and the centre of mass

This resource looks at the concept of a centre of mass, for a rotating body, or barycentre, using the principals of moments.  An demonstration activity is suggested, using tennis balls secured together will string.  A video linked to this activity is performed on the International Space Station, by ESA Astronaut,...

Bem-Vindos (Português)

Biodiversity and habitat loss

This resource from the European Space Agency climate change resource pack explores the topic of biodiversity and how habitat loss is a key driver of global biodiversity loss occurring today. In a series of activities students explore the importance of biodiversity focusing in particular on distributions of common...

Bionická ruka (Čeština)

Bionische hand (Nederlands)

Bionisk hånd (Norsk)

Bionisk hand (Svenska)


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