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Three Parents

A new procedure which creates babies with the DNA of three people has just been given the go ahead in Britain. In this activity, students learn how it can help women with a serious inherited condition to have a healthy baby and why it is deemed so controversial. They describe how to create an embryo with three...

Vitamin D

Recent headlines point out a 400 % rise in rickets and other bone diseases as young people spend more and more time indoors. Recent UK health guidance recommends that everyone should consider taking a daily vitamin D supplement, particularly in autumn and winter. In this activity students make a personal decision...

What Does the Fox Say?

This activity uses a humorous video to raise a serious question: can science tell us what animals are saying, and interpret their emotions? The Bow-lingual dog translator claims to detect animal emotions by analysing bark sounds waves. Students use research evidence to decide whether the device does what it claims...


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