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Vigilance Behaviour in Barnacle Geese

This resource looks at the vigilance behaviour of barnacle geese grazing in winter. Throughout the winter young geese learn where best to feed and how to survive by foraging with their family groups. When an individual is foraging it has to balance the risk of feeding with the risk of possible predation....

Who's Your Daddy? Baboon Social Structures

This lesson aims to give a flavour of behavioural ecology in the context of African field work, using role play. Some students play the part of baboons, interacting with each other in the same way as a wild baboon troop. Other students play the biologists, studying the baboons in their natural habitat and trying to...

Working with Scientific Literature

This pack provides a stimulating way of learning about scientific journal articles and highlights the difference between ‘research’ and ‘review’ papers.

It is suggested that students start by watching a silent video showing an unusual behaviour in capuchin monkeys, ‘anointing’, for which there are various...


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