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3D Printing, a new and emerging technology

This lesson resource provides teacher notes for delivering a lesson that places 3D Printing as a new and emerging technology. It looks at how 3D printers work and provides a student assessment.

An introduction to 3D printing

This package of resources by Learnbylayers provides a comprehensive introduction to 3D printing, where it is used in the wider world and why it is used to manufacture certain products. Students design an object, slice and print it and learn about the basics of 3D printing. The materials can be taught in class or...

Comparing 3D printing materials

This lesson looks at different types of filament that can be used in polymer filament 3D printers. It compares ABS and PLA and asks students to discuss the sustainability of the 3D printing process.

How is 3D Printing used in society?

This lesson teaches students different uses of 3D printing and highlights the three main parts to the 3D printing process (I.e. design, slice, print).

How to design a mini keyring stand

This resource uses Fusion 360 to design and model a keyring stand for a smart phone. Students use simple sketching tools to either create their own design, or use the sample tutorial provided.

How to design and model a toothpaste squeezer

This resource supports students to create a way of squeezing toothpaste out of a traditional toothpaste tube. Students are presented with the challenge, measure different sizes of tooth paste tubes and design a product based upon the example shown. A tutorial to create an example product is provided using Fusion...

How to model a cable tidy

This project uses Fusion 360 to demonstrate the design of a cable tidy for a smartphone charger. In additional to basic CAD sketching tools, the resources prompts students to use the 'revolve' function and export their file for 3D printing.

How to prepare a model for 3D printing

This lesson explains how to prepare a model for 3D printing. It looks at creating an exportable file (STL) from Fusion 360 and describes the key settings that students will need to understand when slicing a file (I.e. infill, layer height, raft). This resource is useful to those not using Fusion 360, but you may...

How to slice a model for 3D printing

This lesson looks at the process of slicing a file ready for 3D printing. It provides an overview of key 3D printing terms (I.e. infill, density, raft) and explains the importance of simulation in completing a print successfully. This resource uses UPStudio software as its example but the key terms should be...

Modelling a food clip for 3D printing

This lesson gives students a 3D printing challenge to model and print a small food clip, using the technical drawings provided.


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