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Air Survey - What Can Lichens Tell Us about Air Quality?

This resource consists of two field work activities. The first records lichens on trees as an indicator of air quality and the second looks for tar spot fungus on sycamore leaves. This links to curriculum work on plants, habitats, air quality and improving the environment. This resource includes a workbook, field...

Biodiversity Survey - What Wildlife Is Supported by Your Hedge?

This resource is suitable for use when teaching habitats, plant and animals in the local environment and interdependence and adaptation. There are detailed notes on how to make a bug spy pot to observe any animals closely for a short time. Also included are a workbook, field guide, invertebrate guide and group...

Bugs Count - What Bugs Are Living Near You?

Carry out a survey on how many bugs are found in a certain area and add to a national survey. This resource fits in with the curriculum topics of animals in the local environment, habitats, and interdependence and adaptation.

There are six key species to watch out for: Two-spot Ladybird, Devil’s Coach Horse...

Climate Survey - How Do We Affect Our Weather and Climate?

This resource can be used when teaching about the weather and environment. It contains four activities which are:

* Measuring contrails in the sky
* Measuring wind direction at cloud height
* Using bubbles to measure wind direction at our height
* Answering questions about how hot or cold...

OPAL Surveys

This collection consists of six field work investigations which relate to the curriculum areas habitats, interdependence and adaptation and the environment. Each survey includes a workbook, field guide and identification guide where appropriate.

The surveys are:
* Bugs Count - what bugs are living...

Soil and Earthworm Survey - Which Earthworms Are Living in Your Local Area?

Find out more about earthworms and the soil they live in by observing and counting earthworms and analysing soil. The survey should take around sixty minutes. This resource fits in with topics on animals in the local environment, habitats and improving the environment and could be used for all ages. Included in the...

Water Survey - What Creatures Are Lurking in Your Pond?

This resource investigates the pollution of a local pond or lake by looking at the species which are able to live in it. Some species struggle to survive in polluted waters, while others are more tolerant. The resource may be used when teaching about animals in the local environment, habitats, water and improving...

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