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Bob is back but this time everyone's favourite man on the moon is feeling glum. What he needs is a best-ever friend to help him with intergalactic missions and jigsaw puzzles. But where will he find someone like that...

This title puts the 'fizz' into physics. Readers can learn how things move, friction, gravity, light, sound, magnetism and electricity, and much more.

How did life begin? Is the Earth moving beneath our feet? Why does it rain?

Encompassing all these questions and more, this interactive book introduces the Earth's important cycles. It encourages children to...

Where do our clothes come from? What's the link between gorillas and mobile phones? 'How We Make Stuff' is an engaging exploration of the way we use Earth's natural resources.

Where do our clothes come from? What's the link between gorilla and mobile phones? And does chocolate really grow on trees? Find out in this hands-on guide to how we make the things most of us take for granted. Exploding with...

An interactive, engaging and exciting exploration of match, from the invention of zero to the geometry of a donut! The focus is on making maths accessible and exciting, so each topic has an investigation for young...

Find out how chemistry shapes the world in this fact-filled guide which includes pop-ups, tabs and flaps. Discover atoms, elements, molecules, reactions and radioactivity and try simple experiments.

Blast off on a star-studded journey into the farthest reaches of the universe in this pop-up guide by award-winning space expert Peter Bond.

Take a trip back 65 million years to the world of the dinosaurs. Meet a baby stegosaur, a munching triceratops, a toothy tyrannosaur and many more playful pop-up dinosaurs in this book.

A lively addition to the 'Snappy Little' series, this book introduces children to pets.


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