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Anodising Titanium

By Solar Spark, this activity explores the relationship between light scattering and colour through anodising. This is the electrochemical process used to thicken the protective oxide layer found on several metals. Aluminium is the most common metal treated in this way, but others, including titanium can also be...

Chemistry in Space

This collection of resources, from the Royal Society of Chemistry, contains activities about solar power and atmospheric chemistry. They have been brought together to link in with ESA astronaut Tim Peake's flight to the International Space Station. The space station requires huge arrays of solar panels to power all...

Chlorophyll fluorescence

From Solar Spark, this activity allows students to see how chlorophyll can be energised and how this causes it to fluoresce. Chlorophyll in plant leaves absorb red light and pass the energy on to other parts of the plant, hence leaves look green. But if there is nowhere for the energy to go, it gets released as...

Colour Mixing

From Solar Spark, this simple demonstration shows the effect of adding colours. Photos and pictures are often made up from just four colours black, cyan, magenta and yellow. Different amounts of each colour combine to get all the colours of the rainbow and make the complete picture.

Solar cells are...

Condensation Polymerisation

Produced by Solar Spark, this activity allows students to see a condensation polymerisation reaction in action as the polyamide polymer, Nylon, is produced. This is a condensation polymer made of two parent monomers, a di-amine and a di-acid chloride.

The reaction can be used to illustrate:

Electrochemical Writing

From Solar Spark, this practical activity explores the reactions at electrodes in an electrical circuit. A solar cell contains two electrodes. Different reactions happen at each electrode so that electrons can move around the circuit to give an electric current. In this experiment students use filter paper soaked...

Energy and Appliances

Produced by Solar Spark, this short activity challenges students to put a variety of common appliances into the order of their electricity consumption. The activity can be used to stimulate consideration of issues such as:

  • energy generation and consumption
  • renewable energy
  • carbon...

Energy Connections Card Sort

Produced by Solar Spark, this activity uses the format of a well-known TV game. Students are given collections of cards and they need to make the connections between them. Each set has a theme. The cards can be used to consider: * photovoltaic cells * solar energy * energy transfers * renewable energies.

Hand Battery

Produced by Solar Spark, this activity shows how two metal plates and a person, can make a battery (cell). This helps to demonstrate how a solar photovoltaic cell works.

A solar cell has two electrodes. These have to be connected up to make a circle which we call an electrical circuit. One side is connected...

Impact of Solar Power

Produced by Solar Spark, this activity allows students to consider the impacts of an available source of electricity on communities in developing nations. People who have unreliable or no access to electricity find their lives changed for the better if they do have access to reliable electricity. One of the ways of...


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