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Highly accessible writing combines with a magazine-style format in this series focusing on cutting-edge science. Each subject illustrates how scientists solve problems and develop new technology while firmly connecting each title to core curricular subjects. This book looks at bionics.

As of March 2016, planetary scientists have discovered almost 2,000 exoplanets: planets that orbit stars other than the Sun. Readers will learn about high-powered orbiting telescopes such as NASA's Kepler...

An introduction to forest food webs, explaining how the life cycles of forest animals are interlinked.

Explore this fascinating timeline history of physical science! What are matter, motion, gravity, electricity, magnetism, and substances? Who first studied these concepts? And who later built on and expanded the work of those early thinkers?--

After she comes across a postcard, Agnes, a giant Pacific octopus, strikes up a correspondence with various other creatures below - and above - the waves. Readers will delight in this unlikely introduction to the octopus life cycle.

Using clear, simple language, Early Bird Earth Science titles provide students with thorough explanations of basic geology concepts.

Plastic bags are cheap and easy to use. But what happens when a bag breaks or is no longer needed? 

This is an inspirational true story which shows how one person's actions can really make a difference in our world.

High accessible writing and a magazine-style format draw readers into this timely series on cutting-edge science. Each title illustrates how scientists solve problems and develop new technology. This book focuses on...

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