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This handbook contains everything the reader needs to know in order to master a range of woodworking techniques, from how to work with the many different types of wood to how to use the many tools associated with woodworking.

This comprehensive encyclopedia of psychology covers topics as diverse as the nature of consciousness and the mind, how nerve cells communicate, how people acquire language, and the ways we are affected by our relationships with others.

This encyclopedia features detailed descriptions of over 70 species, chosen to give the broadest range of types for all key habitats.

For each animal there is a detailed summary panel that gives all the basic...

Illustrating the intricacies of the human body, this title explains the working of the body and mind, providing comprehensive and detailed analysis of human biology and psychology.

This item is one of over 25,000 physical resources available from the Resources Collection. The Archive Collection covers over 50 years of curriculum development in the STEM subjects. The Contemporary Collection includes all the latest publications from UK educational publishers.

The 1960s marked a change in social attitudes with the post-war austerity period fading away. The changes were reflected in art, architecture, design, music and fashion. The 'Sixties Source Book' provides a...

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