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This series looks at how science and technology has transformed the way we live. It examines both the positive and the negative impacts of these developments on the environment, society, health and the economy.

For readers aged six and up, 'This little pebble' uses beautiful artwork to show the rich diversity of rocks all around us, with friendly, narrative text by award-winning children's writer...

Part of the 'LifeTimes' series, this title chronicles the life of Thomas Edison, from a boy branded as 'addled' by his teacher to great inventor, and describes the impact his inventions have had upon the world.

Each title in this series introduces children to an aspect of science that is part of their everyday world. Clear simple text works closely with top-quality photography and easy-to-understand diagrams to encourage...

Find out about some of the greatest events and people to shape our history and decide for yourself if you agree they should be in the 'top ten'.

Objects from around the world are gathered together to give design inspiration and then linked with art and design projects for readers to create their own work.

Climb aboard some of the biggest machines in the world and have a detailed look inside. Large text format with big colorful detailed diagrams, cross sections and photographs of each of the machines.

Written to support the Specialised Diplomas, and including details of training and qualifications, 'People at Work' is a series of highly visual introductions to various sectors of employment. Each book features real-life quotes from people working in the industry.

Superstructures focuses on amazing structures such as bridges, skyscrapers, tunnels and stadiums, describing how these incredible engineering marvels were designed and built.

Each title in Superstructures is...

This series uses large, arresting photograph s to show machines at work in different places. Simple illustrations pick out special features and the text describes th e importance of these machines in everyday life...


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