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Darkness dwellers

This resource requires children to imagine the world without any light. Drawing from nature for ideas and inspiration, they design ‘stick people’ with special features and powers to live in a world of darkness. The lesson is best done in a woodland or...

George is determined to save the world by lunchtime, but he's not quite sure how. Grandpa suggests they start by recycling the yoghurt pot from his breakfast, putting his banana peel in the compost pile, and hanging...

The Global Garden, inspired by the Eden Project in Cornwall, describes with flaps, pop-up wizardry and superb illustrations, how your jeans grew, where sugar comes from, what a chocolate tree looks like, as well as...

Learning with leaves

This lesson enables students to:

  • estimate and measure leaves in a number of ways
  • learn different techniques to measure a complex shape
  • think about fair tests and be asked to organise and display their data

The lesson is designed to help teachers cover measurement,...

Minibeast trackers

In this session children use their senses to look, listen and touch their way around their outdoor space - encouraging a sense of curiosity that could lead to adventures and imaginative play.

This lesson enables students to:

  • Treat animals in the environment with care and sensitivity
  • ...

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