AQA GCSE science: additional applied

The student`s book provides complete support for students beginning the additional applied course, including guidance on how to prepare reports for their portfolios and how to reacher higher marks.

The second part of the book is written around the themes of food science, forensic science and sports science. The authors introduce the roles of the food, forensic and sport scientist and develop the chapters around them.

Real-life case studies allow students to develop their understanding of science, both in the workplace and in society. Practical work and investigations are found throughout Unit 2, to help students develop their scientific skills and provide full support in preparing portfolio work for Unit 3.

The book also provides plenty of questions for homework or external assessment practice. The book breaks down complicated concepts into more manageable chunks.

Simple and clear language and a large number of colour diagrams and photos help to support the foundation-tier student. Higher-tier students will be able to progress their skills and apply their knowledge in the question and activity boxes.

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Author(s)John Atkinson, Stewart Chenery, Sally Goodwin, Claire Moody
Shelf referenceA 500.1 AQA
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