AQA GCSE science: applied double award teacher's guide

This teacher's guide provides answers and guidance to the questions and activities within the student's book. It also provides lesson ideas and timings and therefore provides complete support for staff teaching this new course.

The student's book is full of real-life case studies allowing students to develop their understanding of science, both in the workplace and in society. Particular emphasis is placed on how science is used by those working in the key areas of health, countryside and environmental management, transport, communication and the home environment.

Investigations and activities are found throughout the student's book, to help students develop their scientific skills and provide full support in preparing portfolio work. The book also provides plenty of questions for homework or external assessment practice.

The teacher's guide provides complete support for teaching these areas within the GCSE help with portfolio preparation and all assessments. The guide is provided in paper and CD-ROM format. To support the teacher's guide, a worksheets CD-ROM provides all the paper-based worksheets required for the course.

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Author(s)Stewart Chenery, Beverly Rickwood, Tracey Topham, Steve Unsworth
Shelf referenceA 500.1 AQA
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