Complete psychology

'Complete psychology' is the textbook undergraduates have been waiting for. Unlike the other texts out there, it fits exactly with the very latest BPS curriculum.

This ground-breaking text is tailored to the UK first-year undergraduate market and provides excellent coverage of the major areas of study - social, cognitive, developmental and clinical psychology, research methods, and many more - as well as giving advice on careers in psychology and psychology study skills.

'Complete psychology' is accompanied by a website containing chapter summaries, author pages and downloadable presentations.

Written by an experienced and respected team of authors, this highly accessible, definitive text is illustrated in full colour, and quite simply covers everything students need for their first-year studies as well as being an invaluable reference and revision tool for second and third years.

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Author(s)I Albery, C Chandler, A Field, D Jones, D Messer, S Moore, C Sterling
Shelf referenceA 150 ALB
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