Introducing psychology: approaches, topics and methods

Numerous studies and experiments are briefly described in all of the chapters. Evaluative comments are provided which are designed to enhance and develop the intellectual skills of critical analysis and application of psychology to human life and problems. The activities, description of studies and evaluative comments will aid study both in the classroom and at home. At the end of each chapter specimen questions, written in the Specification B examination style, are provided.

One question in each chapter has an answer and comments on how to improve. Introducing Psychology: Approaches, Topics & Methods is the ideal text book for the AQA Specification B AS level psychology. It also provides the interested reader a good general introduction to key areas of study in modern psychology.

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Author(s)Donald Pennington, Karen Boswell, Liz Dancer, Julie McLoughlin, Dave Robinson, Richard Smithson
Shelf referenceA 150 PEN
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