AQA GCSE Science Higher: revision and practice Book

'AQA GCSE science higher revision and practice book' is aimed at students taking both the modular and coordinated double award science higher tier. The book follows the order of the modular course, but covers all material needed for the coordinated exam.

Written by senior examiners, the book covers the entire double award science specification, providing plenty of exam practice, model questions and answers and exam tips.

  • Key features of the book include: 
  • In-text questions to reinforce learning 
  • Model questions and answers from 2003's exams 
  • Examiners' tips 
  • Advice on how to revise 
  • Progress tests with exam-style questions for each section 
  • Full answers, with full worked answers available on the accompanying AQA GCSE science website.

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Author(s)Ian Brandon, Barbara Drozdowska, Joyce Gustard, Terry Mansfield, Christine Woodward
Shelf reference500.1 WIT
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