Smart materials handling box


The smart materials handling case contains a vast array of smart and unusual materials and is ideal for those required to give presentations or demonstrations about materials.

Case contents:

Thermally Responsive Materials:
Thermochromic pigment, Thermofilm, Thermal paper (fax), Phase change powder.

Smart Alloys and Polymers:
Shape memory polymer, Smart putty, Rare earth magnet, Superelastic wire, Memory wire, 2–way memory spring.

Optically Responsive Materials and LEDs:
Glow–in–the–dark film, Optical fibre, UV fluid, UV beads, LEDs.

Fibres and Woven Materials:
Cocoons, Kevlar fabric, Carbon fibre fabric, Ripstop nylon, Silk, Lycra, Ecofilm, Genuine carbon fibre sheet.

Special Polymers:
Polymorph, Hydrogel, Expancel, Chromatic Alginate.

'Nano' Materials:
QTC pills, Broken shells, Chameleon nano flakes.

Available from Mindsets.

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Subject(s)Design and technology
Age11-14, 14-16
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