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Starters for STEM

Starters for STEM consists of lots of easy to run activities suitable for children from 4-11. Designed for parents to use at home they help children develop their science, technology, engineering and maths skills. These activities are easy-to-resource and provide children with the stimulus to talk about the world around them. The sheets have been produced weekly since the start of the school closures due to the Covid-19 outbreak in the UK. Activities can be run together with children of different ages and there is no special order that they should be done in. They are designed to be fun for children and easy to run for parents, who can chose to do as many as they wish. Activities include:

  • experimenting with paper aeroplanes
  • exploring what you can build with one cup of Lego
  • finding out where food in your house has come from
  • making a telescope
  • observing the moon
  • going on a colour walk

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