Raspberry Pi Minecraft Pi Unit

Seven differentiated challenge sheets for Minecraft Pi on the Raspberry Pi.  Tested on over 600 of my KS3 students!

I wanted to create a 4-hour block of lessons using Minecraft Pi on the Raspberry Pi, giving students the chance to pick an idea to code in their pairs.  Having introduced the students to the Raspberry Pi and basic controls of Minecraft I then showed them how to open a coding window in Python to interact with Minecraft.

Having given a summary of all seven challenges, I asked them to choose an activity to code in their pairs.

Acknowledgements given on last page, but BIG thanks to Carrie-Anne Philbin's book, "Adventures in Raspberry Pi," Martin O'Hanlon/David Whale's book, "Adventures in Minecraft Pi" and Carl Monk's "Gilwell 24" resources.  Original source for video was Martin O'Hanlon's youTube clip  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daT_R5ckIkU

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