Push and Pull Challenge

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How could you open and close the doors in your house without touching the door handles with any part of your body or clothing?

Under this cloud of increasing hygiene and critical not touching, your challenge is to create a product or object that will allow you to push and pull to open and close the doors in your house without touching the door handle with any part of your body or clothing.

This is a creative making and problem-solving project made by Chris Raymond for  https://bit.ly/creative-challenge aimed at Key Stage 3.  It is based on D&T Association design principles that develop 21st Century skills and is ready to use at home.  See the challenge video here https://vimeo.com/414706214.  Assessment guidance and other challenges are also available at https://bit.ly/creative-challenge.

* Enable independent and meaningful creative problem-solving
* Cover the STEAM and D&T curriculums in an engaging way
* Let learners devise innovative solutions to problems from home
* Share real-life challenges set by teachers and business people

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