A credible or authoritative source for papers is characterized by arguments supported by facts obtained through logical reasoning and experimentation. It is the responsibility of a researcher or writer to demonstrate to the reader how he/she arrived at a conclusion.

The credibility of books cannot be questioned because they go through thorough scrutiny before publication. To use sources such as other research papers, articles, magazine and reports, however, you must make sure that they are peer-reviewed to ascertain the credibility and credibility of the information given before presenting it research papers; Unverified information or facts may lead to disqualification of research papers.

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Please be aware that resources have been published on the website in the form that they were originally supplied. This means that procedures reflect general practice and standards applicable at the time resources were produced and cannot be assumed to be acceptable today. Website users are fully responsible for ensuring that any activity, including practical work, which they carry out is in accordance with current regulations related to health and safety and that an appropriate risk assessment has been carried out.

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