Shape Our City

This KS2 schools resources allows children to develop their scientific, communication and decision-making skills. After a group discussion, children work in pairs to share their own experiences through a mapping exercise. Based on these experiences, and the evidence presented to them in the form of fact cards, children cast their vote on their priorities for change. Allow time for discussion about ideas to tackle issues in the area, as this is perhaps the richest part of the lesson.

These resources are intended to plant a seed of change in children, allowing teachers to work with them to take forward ideas they may have for taking action in their local communities to make them healthier, safer and happier places to live.

While written for schools in Bristol, this can be easily adapted for rural areas and other cities.

Cities shape our health and well being and people’s decision-making shapes cities. These resources form part of a wider Shape Our City project that sought to understand what decisions the public can make to effect positive change in their areas and what additional support is needed (e.g. from business, government, etc.) to make Bristol a better place to live, work and play. As children are disproportionately impacted by decision-making it is important they be included in the process. And this is why we’ve developed these resources.

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