UK Primary Science Tracker - 2017

This is my updated version of a fairly popular science tracking spreadsheet I had uploaded earlier. This one includes the current ITAF statements. The content is separated by year group. Cells are protected to stop staff indadvertently changing them but you can make changes (grouping year groups etc) using 'admin' as the password. I have given space for 3-form entry schools to put all the pupils in on one sheet. It works by cohort and follows the pupils through the school. I have not protected or made a formula for the names, allowing changes to be made as cohorts change. The simple computation requires that the number of statements remain the same and that the number of pupils is entered in the box at the top. I've included the basic filtering to allow for classes to be selected, or groups of pupils not meeting, etc. Make whatever use of it you will - it highlights the great difficulty we are faced with in assessing science properly. Do we really expect pupils to master all of those things in order to be considered to be 'Meeting'? Should we forget the y6 statements and just cram the ITAF?

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Brilliant, exactly what I need, thank you for sharing this.

Juliet Nickels

Hi Jacky. Thanks for that! Perhaps you could give it some stars! :)


Hi Juliet,

This looks great and seems to be exactly what I'm looking for, but I can't seem to get the formula to work. Is it intended that you type in 1 or 2 for each statement for each child and then the percentage is calculated? What would you do for any children who are exceeding?

Thank you


Juliet Nickels

Hi Becky

Hmm - You're right. I can see the formulae don't seem to quite right. You do need to put the number of pupils in your class into the yellow box at the top left. The password for unprotecting the spreadsheet is just 'admin'. However, I shall try to find time to look at the formulae and see what went wrong! The cells will still accept a 3 if you decide to use that to show exceeding. However, I removed that calculation from this version, as the science assessment needs only to show whether the pupils have met or not. I'll try to get on to that this weekend 16-9-17. Try checking on Monday 18-9-17.