Maths Careers: The Secrecy Scare

The Secrecy Scare

This collection contains a range of teaching materials to support the Maths Careers article 'The Secrecy Scare' by Hazel Lewis.

The resource collection includes a link to the full article, resources to explore prime numbers as well as ideas teaching primes in real-life contexts.

Links and Resources

Factors and Multiples

Students are required to build a sense of number and a sense of how numbers work. This package contains resources to help students understand what prime numbers are and how they can be used with reference to common factors and common multiples. Students are required to understanding these as the intersection and union of the prime factors, and other classifications of number, including product notation.

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iSquared Magazine Issue 2

This edition of iSquared magazine features:

The key to a secure future - David Mireles Morales explores why public-key cryptography is vital for confidential communications in the digital age.

publication year
2010 to date

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Maths Career Profiles

This booklet has been provided by More Maths Grads and it is designed to highlight the versatility of mathematics and to show that a degree in the mathematical sciences can take students anywhere; it can open doors, from developing software technologies to being a professional rugby league player. Working on exciting and innovative projects, mathematicians are highly valued and an essential element of any successful team.

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2000 - 2009

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