GMC10: Optimising work processes

This list contains a collection of resources to help meet General Mathematical Competency 10 (GMC10). More resources to support T level Science can be found on our T Level science resource packages page.

GMC10 states:

Students are required to develop the skills necessary to be able to optimise work processes. They should be able to:

  • Solve a problem within a science context, by:
    • identifying and clearly defining the problem:
    • demonstrating a thorough understanding of the context of the problem
    • deciding on change to be made, taking into account:
    • steps required to implement the change
    • success criteria for measuring the impact of the change
    • implementing the changes, using new technologies as appropriate:
    • gathering data
    • recording results
    • evaluating the impact and continuing to monitor any changes:
    • making recommendations for further improvement
  • Apply the 8 stages of root cause analysis to investigate problems and/or customer complaint and recommend suggestions for improvement