GMC5: Processing data

This list contains a collection of resources to help meet General Mathematical Competency 5 (GMC5). More resources to support T level Science can be found on our T Level science resource packages page.

GMC5 states:

Students should:

  • Be able to analyse the quality of the data, including how the data have been processed and scaled: were there sufficient data to draw valid conclusions? Students should demonstrate an understanding that data processing procedures and outputs should be interrogated and interpreted critically against anatomy and physiology knowledge
  • Understand the stages of data handling and processing:
    • collect
    • record
    • analyse
    • interpret
  • Understand the difference between qualitative and quantitative data:
    • qualitative - subjective, categorical data that approximates and characterises
    • quantitative - objective, measurable data that can be defined as a value
  • Be able to find, and understand when to use, different averages: mode, mean and median
  • Be able to find, and understand when to use, different measures of spread in data such as range  and standard deviation