GMC2: Estimating, calculating and error spotting

This list contains a collection of resources to help meet General Mathematical Competency 2 (GMC2). More resources to support T level Science can be found on our T Level science resource packages page.

GMC2 states:

Students should:

  • Be able to estimate lengths, areas and volumes to aid error spotting.
  • Be able to estimate the approximate answer to a calculation to aid error spotting.
  • Know when rounding a value to a specific place value or to a number of significant figures is appropriate in addition to being able to perform the skill.
  • Be aware of the errors caused by inappropriate rounding
  • Appreciate why the use of rounded values in subsequent calculations can cause significant errors in the final solution.
  • Be able to work with error bounds, max and min values and calculate percentage error
  • Deal with small and large numbers expressed in standard form
  • Be able to calculate the rate of reaction: amount of reactant or product/time