Managing information & data handling and processing within the health and science sector

Managing information and handing/processing data is a key requirement for almost every science-related occupation. Developing skills of data analysis and interpretation is crucial in developing a student’s critical thinking ability, problem solving skills and ability to provide evidence-based arguments. It takes time to build these skills and abilities; ideally there should be plenty of opportunities embedded within schemes of learning to constantly revisit and practice the techniques involved, across a range of scenarios, until the students feel confident in their abilities.

There are many examples of data sources that can be used in class or as part of homework or extension and enrichment activities. The resources listed here provide a variety of real world data sets that can be downloaded and then analysed using familiar software packages such as excel. Also listed are some online data manipulation and processing platforms which create eye-catching graphics – these can be used to spark debate and discussion or provide a starter activity on a given theme or topic. Finally, there are various guides that provide worked examples and reference sources to help students develop their confidence with managing and handling data.