Probability - Key Stage 4

This  collection of resources supports the teaching of probability in secondary mathematics.


Here are some favourite activities selected by the NRICH team.


  • Which Spinners? Can you work out which spinners were used to generate the frequency charts?
  • Odds and Evens Made Fair In this follow-up to the problem Odds and Evens, we invite you to analyse a probability situation in order to find the general solution for a fair game.
  • In a Box Chris and Jo put two red and four blue ribbons in a box. They each pick a ribbon from the box without looking. Jo wins if the two ribbons are the same colour. Is the game fair?

These are just a few of the activities on Handling Data that you can find on the NRICH curriculum pages.




The activities below, taken from the STEM Learning website, complement the NRICH activities above.