Patterns and Sequences - Stage 3

This  collection of resources supports the teaching of Patterns and Sequences.


Here are some of the favourite activities selected by the NRICH team.


  • Odds, Evens and More Evens Alison, Bernard and Charlie have been exploring sequences of odd and even numbers, which raise some intriguing questions...
  • Seven Squares Watch these videos to see how Phoebe, Alice and Luke chose to draw 7 squares. How would they draw 100?
  • Shifting Times Tables Can you find a way to identify times tables after they have been shifted up?
  • Charlie’s Delightful Machine Here is a machine with four coloured lights. Can you develop a strategy to work out the rules controlling each light?

These are just a few of the activities on Patterns and Sequences that you can find on the NRICH curriculum pages.




The activities below, taken from the STEM Learning website, complement the NRICH activities above.