Constructions and Loci (Years 7-9)

A collection of resources for 3 lessons at Key Stage 3 Level.

Lesson 1: Using the "Shape and Space" resource, start with the link "Loci - imaginary movements" task. You will need whiteboards for your class. Allow pupils to peer assess in pairs, groups or as a class to decide who is correct. Once you have explored this and all discussed Loci and Locus, choose either of the three remaining Loci tasks (still in "Shape and Space") depending on the class in question, in order to push and develop what they have learnt so far. These tasks are very suitable to group work and once a group has reached an agreement they should copy these ideas to their books along with justifications for their decisions.

Lesson 2: Use the "Shape, Space and Measures 2" resource (page 43-44) to allow pupils practice drawing triangles (SSS and SAS). The final question challenges pupils to try drawing a ASA triangle for themselves. As a plenary you should have pupils work in groups to distil each method into a set of step-by-step instructions. Alternatively, use the "Drawing a rocket" link to challenge your pupils.

Lesson 3: Allow pupils to look at the first tasks from "Constructions" and make a note of what they think they will need for the task, including resources and techniques. Take suggestions and then show them how to do the techniques they will need, and should have identified. Then allow them to attempt the problems. You can continue with the problems or you can allow them to make up their own problems for their partners, swapping them back and forth in order to assess each other.

Links and Resources

A collection of Shape resources. Half way down there are 4 resources/activities to do with Loci and Locus.

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Shape, Space and Measures 2

A booklet that covers aspects of SSM.

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1990 - 1999

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A resouce with a military angle that has been created by Defense Dynamics. It uses construction skills to show how they are used in warfare.

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2000 - 2009

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