KS4 Foundation LCM

To teach foundation LCM I always begin with the word 'Multiple' as often I find students do not have a true understanding of this word. I link it to 'Times Tables' and give examples and an activity to ensure they have thoroughly grasped the definition of the word.

The next stage is often the most difficult for pupils, that of finding the common multiples and the lowest one. I get them to write out a list of multiples for two numbers and put a ring around the first common one. Again I find the English is the problem, the understanding of the word 'common'. But once grasped this activity is successful.

The resources below follow this pattern and include some extension work for those who grasp the concept quickly. Because of the teaching of the English words I find the differentiation is critical as some may grasp the whole topic in 15 minutes whilst others will take 2 or even 3 lessons with a homework in between them.