Keeping healthy - diet and exercise KS4

These activities can be used in the delivery of the topic "Diet and Exercise" at KS4. It is envisaged that the lessons would run in the following sequence:
1. What nutrients do we need? What nutrients are in food? How can we have a balanced diet? Use the giant food label to illustrate how pupild can find out nutritional information from food at home.
2. BMI/obesity. With higher sets, give out the article "Fat is not a four letter word" to use as a starter for a discussion on obesity. Pupils could be given the opportunity to find out their own BMIs and to research the different measures for a healthy weight, along with their limitations (using the BMI caculator site). Pupils could also be given the information from "Britain at a glance" and asked to plot their own graphs or to discuss the statistics given. The problems associated with obesity should also be covered at this point.
3. Smoking. The BHF advert could be used as a starter for a lesson on the health problems associated with smoking.
4. Use the "Healthy Chocolate" activity to allow pupils to test their skills of scientific analysis to investigate claims about a new chocolate bar.
5. Use the NHS Choices website to allow pupils to investigate how different people could lead a healthy lifestyle. For example, they could develop a diet and exercise plan for people with different activity levels and needs (e.g. a footballer, an office worke, a pregnant woman, a toddler, a teenager etc.).