Solving equations and graphing

This unit explores the solution of basic linear equations, substitution and graphing linear equations.

Lesson 1 - Introduce pupils to the concept of an equation being like a balance. For example, if you take a weight off one side of the balance what do you have to do to the other side to keep it balanced? If pupils have access to a computer room or laptops then let them explore this method using the Flash apllication below. This allows them to concentrate on the method without worrying about performing the number calculations correctly.

Lesson 2 - USe the creating and solving equations lesson plan to further develop pupils' understanding.

Lesson 3 - Use the evaluating algebraic expressions lesson plan to introduce pupils to the concept of substitution. The Flash resource makes a useful plenary to do whole class or in a computer room.

Lesson 4 - Give pupils access to computers and let them run through the Flash application on plotting graphs. They can do this as many times as they like until they think they get it. Then ask them to run the application again, but pause at the first step and try to plot the grph in thier books themselves. If they get stuck they can use the application to help them. They should carry on with this unil they can do it unaided.

Lesson 5 - Give pupils access to the online plotting tool. Ask them to plot several lines withe the same coefficient of x and ask them to explain what they notice. Do the same for the constant in the eqaution and develop into a disscission about gradient and intercept. For further practice on straight line graphs and substitution use the diamond hunter application. Pupils have to plot several lines to cover as many points on the grid as they can. They may find it useful to use the online plotting tool to help them.