KS4 Quadratics

This set of resource is for the teaching of quadratics.

Firstly a visual way of understanding is used 'Quadratic Completed Square Form' where the teacher uses the superb resource to allow understanding between the visual geometric curve and its algebraic equivalent. Importantly some results can be hidden so the pupils have to answer.

Next is a good worksheet 'Quadratic Functions' with answers to the questions.

Next Nuffield's superb book 'Nuffield Advanced Mathematics Book 3' that has an excellent chapter for extension material.

Next 'The History of Mathematics' sheds a lighter note for further extension where ancient civilisations knew how to solve quadratics and further questions are provided.

Finally 'Quadratics 1' gives ten questions in a Flash application with multiple choice for a plenary where students can be invited to the interactive whiteboard to make their selections.