KS4 Stem and Leaf

This set of resources could last a single, intense, lesson or bridge 3 lessons if the Classroom Olympics full activity is employed.

For Stem and Leaf the ‘Stem and Leaf Overview’ gives an excellent introduction, a way of presenting a large amount of data in a summarised way. It uses a large number of maths results from boys.
Next ‘Stem and Leaf Worksheet’ puts the students to work by creating a stem and leaf diagram from raw data and interpreting the data from a stem and leaf summary.
Finally ‘Classroom Olympics’ is a comprehensive activity that will engage any class. Using classroom activities data is collected from all of the pupils. Activities include cotton wool shot put and it is very professionally produced. The Excel spread sheet is the teacher's starting point and click on the Teacher's Note button. Split the class into groups and complete the activities and then display the results in various formats.
For this list it includes presenting the data in stem and leaf format but also covers averages, ranges, percentages, histograms, pie charts, and tables.