This collection of Nuffield Maths resources explores Decision maths. The demand is roughly equivalent to that in GCE A level. 

They include slide shows to introduce the topics, student sheets and teacher notes, as well as other relevant resources.

The teachers' notes start with a short overview of the activity, who and what it is designed for, and lists the necessary resources. The student sheets have background information where needed, and tasks for the students to work and reflect on. Extensions and solutions are included in the teachers' notes.

The collection contains the following resources:

Chinese postman problem    An introduction to the concept, and an investigation of the minimum distance someone would have to travel to deliver leaflets along all the streets near to a college, starting at and returning to the same place. Then students to find an Eulerian trail for a network with four odd nodes. 

Sightseeing tour  This resource can be used as a classroom activity or an assignment. It involves students setting up their own network as the basis for a sightseeing tour. In identifying their route, students will need to make use of the Chinese Postman Algorithm and/or the Travelling Salesman Algorithm, depending on whether their route involves visiting the edges or the vertices of their network.

Networks  This activity introduces the terms used when working with networks, and gives students practice in using them.

Cable TV     This activity shows students how to use Kruskal’s and Prim’s algorithms to solve minimum connector problems. A cable TV problem introduces the topic and the rules for the two algorithms. The students are then set a second problem involving a theme park.

Refurbishing a room    An introduction to critical path analysis. The tasks are based on decorating and furnishing a bedroom, and take students through the process of constructing an activity network and calculating the minimum completion time for the project.



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Chinese Postman Problems

In this activity from the Nuffield Foundation students use the Chinese postman algorithm, also called the Route Inspection Problem, to solve practical problems. The College Open Day problem provides an introduction to the concept, and asks students to investigate the minimum distance someone would have to travel to...