This collection of Level 1 resources from Nuffield Mathematics covers Spatial techniques. The demand is roughly equivalent to that in Foundation Level GCSE and Level 1 Functional Mathematics. 

They include slide shows to introduce the topics, student sheets and teachers' notes.

The teachers' notes start with a short overview of the activity, who and what it is designed for, and the necessary resources. The student sheets have background information where needed, and tasks for the students to work and reflect on. Extensions and solutions are included in the teachers' notes.

The collection includes the following resources:

What is it?   Recognising and drawing objects from different viewpoints. 

Convert lengths   Practice in converting between different metric units of length, using exercises on a worksheet, a bingo game and a dominoes game. 

Volume  Students find the volume of a variety of cuboids in real life contexts.

Geometrical design  Helping students to recognise geometrical shapes and their properties.

Measure it!  Estimating lengths and measuring objects using both centimetres and millimetres.

Plans  Students measure lengths from scale drawings then use ratio scales to find the actual lengths.

Arranging the furniture  Students design a new layout for the classroom, measuring the furniture, making scaled cut-outs, and placing them on a prepared plan.

How much will it cost?  Students measure dimensions from scale drawings and find the areas of rectangles and triangles. They then calculate the amount of paint needed to paint a house and its cost.

Perimeter and area  How much lawn feed is needed? Students find the perimeter and area of rectangles and shapes made from rectangles.

Drawing shapes in Word  Students learn how to draw and format basic shapes in Word.



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Perimeter and Area

The Nuffield Foundation provides this resource which reviews the perimeter and area of rectangles and shapes made from rectangles. The activity can be introduced by viewing the slideshow and a student information sheet, which contains the main points is also provided. The activity cards allow students to...

What Is It?

The Nuffield Foundation provide this resource which can be used to introduce the idea of representing objects using plans and elevations. Students will have the opportunity to identify everyday objects photographed from plan and elevation views, draw 3D sketches of solids from their plan and elevation views, as...