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The Grand Challenges – Our Futures Programme aims to raise the profile of the Industrial Strategy Grand Challenge themes to young people across the UK, supporting them to make career decisions based on what lies in the future, not the past.

These free-to-access resources have been collated to support your delivery of Grand Challenge themed practical activities to young people in schools, colleges and in the wider community e.g. youth or community groups. The resources will support increased understanding of the Grand Challenges, future career opportunities and the paths taken to access those careers, as well as developing young peoples’ STEM and employability skills.

If you would like support from a STEM Ambassador to deliver a Grand Challenge activity please request one via the STEM Ambassador website.



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Grand Challenges posters

This collection of careers related posters can be used to showcase some of the Grand Challenges that Government, universities and employers are working together to try and solve.

These posters cover four Grand Challenges:

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