British Science Week: Secondary Activity Packs

This collection contains ten activity packs on a variety of topics at secondary level. Each activity pack contains a range of activities, which may be used in class, as part of a whole school science week or in a science club. The activities are hands-on and designed to engage children in a fun, yet stimulating way. They have been produced by the British Science Association (BSA) as part of the British Science Week pack series.


Get Engineering!

These activities were designed to introduce students to different sectors in engineering.

Desert Island Drinks: Students make a water filtration device out of a plastic bottle to investigate the principles of filtration.


Genius Inventions

This pack explores some of the inventions and discoveries that have had a significant impact on the human race. The discussions and experiments will be complemented by Twig Science films and quizzes.

Inventing the telescope: Telescopes let us see remote...

Rockin' Crystals

In this activity, students are challenged to put on a show – either a live stage show or a recorded television show – to give a theatrical Earth science demonstration. Several demostrations are suggested for students to master: Growing crystals 1. Crystals from melts 2. Crystals from vapour 3. Crystals from...

Science at home

Aimed at primary level, this pack contains activities that can be done with materials easily found at home. These activities are an ideal way for the whole family to take part in science activities without needing hours of preparation. The activities cover a mixture of topics including: changing state, properties...


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