British Science Week: Secondary Activity Packs

This collection contains activity packs on a variety of topics at secondary level. Each activity pack contains a range of activities, which may be used in class, as part of a whole school science week or in a science club. The activities are hands-on and designed to engage children in a fun, yet stimulating way. They have been produced by the British Science Association (BSA) as part of the British Science Week pack series.


British Science Week: secondary activity pack (2021)

In developing this pack, the British Science Association has looked for activities which break down the stereotypes surrounding science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) and that promote cross-curricular learning, including some suggestions on remote engagement if you are unable to accommodate visitors...

British Science Week: secondary activity 2020

This activity pack, managed by the British Science Association, supports the theme "Our Diverse Planet" for British Science Week (although it can be used at any time). The activities are arranged in three groups titled Diverse Jobs, Diverse People and Preserving Natural Diversity; each group describes four...

British Science Week: secondary activity pack (2018)

This resource pack aims to be your ‘one-stop-shop’ for supporting you during British Science Week 2018, but it can be used at any time. The theme for the 2018 British Science Week is exploration and discovery, encouraging young people to think about everyday discoveries and how they affect their lives by exploring...

British Science Week: secondary activity (2016)

This resource pack is aimed at ...


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