This collection supports the release of the new novel by Simon Mayo called Itch. The book, published by Random House Children's Books, is about a boy who loves science, collects elements and discovers a new element. The collection contains a selection of eLibrary resources which can be used to support the teaching of elements and the periodic table.


Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

This unit of learning material from the National Learning Network Materials' Chemistry collection explains the difference between elements, compounds and mixtures, This resource identifies some common compounds and mixtures. Illustrations and animations describe how the components of mixtures can be separated using...

The Search for Simple Substances

A Nature of Science reader that tells the story of how scientists have searched for some simple substances from which everything else might be made. The story starts with the discovery that fire could help to obtain metals from rocks and ends with Mendeleev’s triumphant discovery of the periodic law and the...

Jewellery Metals

This Catalyst article looks at how jewellery is traditionally made from metals such as gold, silver and platinum because these metals may be found in their native state and are corrosion-resistant.

This article is from Catalyst: Secondary Science Review 2011, Volume 22, Issue 2.


Marie Curie - A Life of Discovery

This Catalyst article looks at Marie Curie, who discovered two radioactive elements and showed that radioactivity was a property of atoms, not compounds. Marie Curie won two Nobel Prizes, the only woman to have done so. She is still the only person to have won awards in both Physics and Chemistry. The article...


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