Salters' Science: Year 11 Modules

The Salters’ double award science course included 11 modules for Year 11. Each module relates to materials, phenomena or ideas which would be familiar to students or of value in their everyday lives. These starting points illustrated scientific principles in action, creating an applications-led course of study. By capturing classroom best practice, the course included many types of teaching and learning activities, making the materials a rich source of ideas for interesting and varied lessons.

Burning and Bonding [mainly chemistry]: This module draws together the chemical ideas about bond making and bond breaking and the relationship between bonding and bulk properties of compounds.

Controlling Change [mainly biology]: Compares feedback and control in biological systems with that in physical ones. Study of the nervous and endocrine systems.

The Earth in Space [astronomy / physics]: The formation of the Earth and its relationship to other bodies in space, gravity and the movement of satellites.

Electricity Today and Tomorrow [mainly physics]: Electricity supply and distribution. Differences between dc and ac, transformers, safety devices and the wiring of domestic circuits.

Evolution [mainly biology]: The evidence for changes over time and how it is interpreted. Genes, chromosomes and the mechanisms of inheritance.

Making Use of Oil [mainly chemistry]: The range of products distilled from crude oil and competing pressures for their use. The economics of recycling.

Seeing Inside the Body [biology / physics]: The use of modern techniques for diagnosis or treatment of illness. Radioactivity and the structure of the atom. The electromagnetic spectrum

Sound Reproduction [mainly physics]: Production, transmission and reproduction of signals and some of the devices used.

Sports Science [mainly physics]: Bones and muscles as applications of levers. Respiration and the circulatory system. Potential and kinetic energy, pole vaulting and free-fall.

Staying Alive [mainly biology]: The organisation of cells in living organisms. Aerobic and anaerobic respiration, photosynthesis and digestion.

Waste Not, Want Not [chemistry / biology]: Processing of waste and recycling of materials in nature and in society. Natural cycles including the carbon cycle and the nitrogen cycle.



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A Year 11 module from the Salters’ Key Stage Four double award science course. The module begins by considering variation within humans and in other species and how this could arise. The gene theory of inheritance is then studied, and finally the structure and function...

Making Use of Oil *suitable for home teaching*

A Year 11 module from the Salters’ Key Stage Four double award science course. This module deals with the location, extraction and processing of oil, the way in which supply of different oil fractions is balanced against demand and the issues related to conservation of...

Seeing Inside the Body

A year 11 module from the Salters’ Key Stage Four double award science course. This module deals with radiation and radioactivity, introduced through their uses in medicine, both for diagnosis and treatment. Students simulate non-intrusive tests made by doctors in...

Sound Reproduction

A Year 11 module from the Salters’ Key Stage Four double award science course. The science content of this module covers electromagnetism, the inductive effect and the motor effect. These topics are developed in the context of recording and reproducing sound. Students begin by recording and playing back their own...