Nuffield Advanced Mathematics Options

As part of the Nuffield Advanced Mathematics A-level course, each student had to choose an option to study from a list of eight titles. Students could take Further Mathematics at AS or A level by taking a further three or six options.

The option books were intended to be as suitable for individual work and independent study as they were for group work or in-class work in the hope that this would make it possible for students to have some say in the options they chose to study.


Discrete Mathematics

A substantial part of this Nuffield Advanced Mathematics option was about algorithms. Students used calculators, or computers with a structured programming language, to turn algorithms into programs. They were introduced to various aspects of discrete mathematics and,...


The Nuffield Advanced Mathematics course took advantage of computer graphics programmes to introduce into the A-level course an option of studying surfaces, their gradients and other properties. This field had traditionally been the subject of first year university...

The History of Mathematics

This Nuffield Advanced Mathematics option consists of six units of work, each on a different theme. Students had the opportunity, as part of their coursework, to develop an aspect of interest from one of the themes into a longer project. These topics were chosen to...

Mathematics, Music and Art

This Nuffield Advanced Mathematics option consisted of two units of work on different themes. A likely model for coursework was that students would develop an aspect of interest from one of the themes into a longer project.



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