Nuffield National Curriculum Mathematics

Nuffield National Curriculum Mathematics was written to provide comprehensive coverage of the 1996 National Curriculum for mathematics. Each student’s book in the series offers focused coverage of mathematical topics identified in the National Curriculum level descriptions. Used together the books in the series provide a straightforward and motivating route through National Curriculum mathematics for students.

The series structure of separate books for Number and algebra, Shape, space and measures and Handling data reflected the structure of the National Curriculum, with a students' book for each NC level and content attainment target up to NC Level 7.

Level 8 and above are treated in one longer student’s book. Using and applying mathematics is not treated separately but is an integral part of each book.

Up to stage four, every student’s book is presented as a series of units, each designed to provide about two weeks' work. Each book builds on the previous level and anticipates the next level. There are also some enrichment activities which are essential to a balanced mathematical education.

A strength of this series is that students may work on the book which is most appropriate to their current needs as it was believed that students would not progress through National Curriculum levels uniformly and that some students are better at topics which interest them or which they meet in other contexts.

To help teachers plan their teaching, each students' book includes a chart showing where the statements in the National Curriculum level descriptions are covered in the book. This chart is also shown in the assessment packs as is a Programme of Study matching chart. In addition to this, detailed content descriptions are provided at the top of each students' book .



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The Nuffield National Curriculum Mathematics series was developed by members of the National Curriculum Working Party and the Cockcroft Committee. The assessment and resource pack provides teachers with all the support needed to implement the requirements of the Curriculum.

The pack contains a copy of the...