The Nuffield Mathematics Project Weaving Guides are single-concept books which give detailed instructions or information about a particular subject.

The first two guides are concerned with the advent of calculators and computers and how they might be used to develop mathematical concepts.

The use and importance of the environment has been stressed thoughout the project. The Environmental geometry guide shows how the study of the environment can lead to geometrical work and Logic completes this series.



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A Look Ahead

A look ahead is a short weaving guide from the Nuffield Mathematics Project intended mainly for teachers of older students in upper primary and lower secondary.

The object of the guide was to re-state the aims and methods of the project in the light of experience so far, and to consider some of the problems...


This 'weaving guide’ from the Nuffield Mathematics Project prepared to show how the main themes such as Computation and structure and Shape and size could become interwoven in work on a particular topic. The title should really perhaps be 'The geometry of inner space'. The human problems involved might form another...


This book, which forms part of the weaving series from the Nuffield Mathematics Project, is an introduction to logic in a very general sense.

Its main aim was to help students aged from about 8 to 12 to think clearly...