Joy of code: Java programming with Greenfoot

Greenfoot is a programming environment for the coding language Java.  It has been designed primarily to assist game design; featuring an introduction to object oriented programming it enables students to create 2D games with sound relatively easily whilst introducing key programming concepts.

In this series of thirty three video tutorials, Michael Kölling from King’s College, London, guides students through the process of installation, creation and improvement, using a range of games as exemplars.



Java programming with Greenfoot: lettuce is good for you (collision detection)

In this video tutorial the concept of collision detection is introduced.  This is a key aspect of many games – recognising that two objects are touching.  This is explained with the creation of a lettuce class within the game.  When the turtle touches a lettuce it appears to eat it and so it disappears.  This is...

Java programming with Greenfoot: keeping your code clean

In this video tutorial students are guided through using space and indentation to make their Java programming easier to read.  How to add comments is also covered.  This is useful as the program gets longer it gets harder to find specific parts within it – using comments allows parts to be found quicker.  How to...

Java programming with Greenfoot: snakes on a plane

In this video tutorial students are shown how to add another class in to their game – snakes.  How to effectively copy and paste code from one class to another, and keep it tidy using comments and indentation, is also shown.

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Java programming with Greenfoot: play the game (keyboard control)

By this stage in the series of video tutorials, students have created a game in which a turtle eats lettuces whilst being chased by snakes.  In this tutorial, students are shown how to implement keyboard controls so that they can control the turtle.  This is achieved using the Greenfoot application processes...


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