AS statistics

This accessible, comprehensive textbook is designed to support any student studying AS statistics. This book covers all three AS modules: Z1, Z2 and Z3.

It has been designed especially for students with a non-mathematical background, but who nevertheless will need to understand some mathematical concepts when studying their other A levels.

These students include those following business studies, psychology, geography and biology courses. This book is the only book supporting MEI AS statistics and has all the benefits of being part of the MEI series: ­

  • Accessible both in design and content ­
  • Worked examples guide students into new topics and concepts within real world contexts (particularly important for these candidates)
  • Activities, investigations and graded exercises ­
  • The quality assurance of MEI ­
  • Full support from the MEI network.

In addition, there is an IT investigation at the end of each chapter.

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Author(s)Mary Brace, Anthony Eccles, Bob Francis, Michael Ling
Shelf referenceMA14 BRA
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